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Homelessness Partnership BCP

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Homelessness Partnership BCP

The Homelessness Partnership BCP is a network driven by representatives from statutory organisations including BCP Council, Dorset Police, local health and probation services, businesses, charities, faith groups, universities and educational institutions as well as those with lived experience.

We are proud to be an integral part of the partnership and work alongside many skilled, progressive and caring agencies all with the shared vision:

“To end homelessness in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole by ensuring everyone has a safe place to live that they can call home.”

Homelessness is more than just sleeping on the streets.  It can take many forms from sofa-surfing, sleeping in a car, living in temporary or emergency accommodation and more.

As Chair of the partnership forum, our CEO Alistair is privileged to work with representatives from the 40+ member agencies as together we seek to find ways to prevent people becoming homeless, and to help people escape the cycle of homelessness.

Homelessness Partnership BCP Charter

Need help now?

If you are rough sleeping phone:

  • St Mungo’s: 01202 315962
    *If there is no answer you can leave a message with your name and the location of where you are sleeping
  • Faithworks Helpline: 07842 174241
    (Mon-Fri, 10am-12pm except bank holidays)

At risk of losing your home phone:

  • Housing Early Prevention Service: 01202 633819 (advice and support for those at risk of eviction or homelessness)
  • BCP Council Housing Options: 01202 123 147
  • BCP Council out of hours: 01202 123456

Responding to homelessness across BCP

What is the Homelessness Partnership is Working on

Recent initiatives include the Let’s Talk Renting programme to help those in danger of losing their tenancy, the opening of a new housing facility on Purbeck Road, and the Homelessness Partnership BCP website which includes a simple set of steps to help someone found in need on the street or in danger of losing their home.

Homelessness Partnership BCP

The Partnership’s Alternative Giving Campaign

The Partnership has also introduced “Change for Good”, an alternative way of giving to those escaping homelessness; through giving points and a Just Giving website.

The public can donate to this fund which is managed by Dorset Community Foundation – 100% of funds given to into this pot, and are then distributed to partnership member agencies as they help specific people to regain resilience.

Donate to Change for Good

Faithworks Role in the Partnership

Our Faithworks Arch programme has links to many other partnership members; we give people more life chances by doing things together!

Our Connection project includes joint working at the In Touch community meals with colleagues from Lansdowne Church, St Mungo’s and healthcare teams.

Our weekday Recovery activities work with a range of church partners and the national STAR life course, as well as strong links with the We Are With You team.

We receive referrals for our practical Training project from Probation, BCHA and other agencies; BCHA reciprocate by providing links into their life skills courses.

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Faithworks Connection (Homelessness)
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