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The Big Reveal!

15th June 2022|

Little Victories Event 24th June 2022 A new logo and website is coming! Foundations are essential for a strong structure and so is building on these foundations. As Faithworks turns 18 this year, we have reflected on what is most important to those we serve and to ourselves, how we can "be there" for more people, and what drives

Your Food Bank+ Needs You!

15th June 2022|

Faithworks support Food Bank+ in Christchurch, Poole, Wimborne and Blandford.  As more people need to access emergency food and food support, it's vital that food stocks are maintained to keep up with the need.  Adding an extra item to a food shop, can be one simple way of supporting a Food Bank+ on a regular basis. Items regularly needed

BCP Pioneer in Preventing Homelessness

15th June 2022|

Connecting with government and the centre for homelessness impact. “Rough sleeping should be prevented whenever possible, it must be a rare occurrence, be brief and non-recurring. That is the government’s pledge which BCP Council is fully committed to achieving." Faithworks is a member of the BCP Homelessness Partnership and therefore were very pleased to hear that BCP will be working alongside London,

Connections Stations Podcast now on Spotify

15th June 2022|

Tucked away in a church hall, are an incredible team of staff and volunteers who run Connection Stations. This multi-agency approach works alongside rough sleepers and those who are vulnerably housed by connecting them with local organisations.  Kate from HealthBus said: "It's only when people feel safe that they're able to open up, they're able to acknowledge what help they do need."

Making Connections

15th June 2022|

Making Connections Linking those we work alongside with essential support. Dear all at Half-time, I love you all; thank you for your strength and encouraging me through the grace of God to keep going” Happy 5th birthday to Half-time!  A collaboration between Faithworks and the YMCA Bournemouth, the team have provided a listening ear and practical support to those escaping

Hope into Action

24th May 2022|

A family of 5 that has been living in temporary accommodation for over two years now have a new home, thanks to a brilliant partnership between Faithworks, a local Poole Church and national charity, Hope into Action! People don’t just need shelter; they need a home: a place of safety, a place for friendship. So, Faithworks is partnering with

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