7th June 2024

Moorlands College Host Mission & Community Event

People are looking for hope: How can I make ends meet? Where do I belong? Do I have any value?

The local Church has a major opportunity to be hope-bringers – a lot of really good church-led community activity is going on! Faithworks are mapping all of this as part of the first year’s learning from the ‘We’re Here Network’ which supports local churches being as effective as they can at welcoming people.

Identifying the variety of activities and their locations is helpful but another question has emerged:

Are our Monday-to-Saturday activities having the impact we intended? Could it be more?

Moorlands College and Faithworks are hosting a “Conversation” to bring church leaders, community & compassion leads and active volunteers together to share

  • What works? How do we integrate practical and spiritual help that sets people free?
  • What is hard? How do we find volunteers to chat and help them pray with people?
  • What would help? Where should we invest our resources?

We are running two sessions – come to whichever one suits you and your team best to get a broader overview of what is happening across our local communities.

The sessions with be held at Moorlands College on Tuesday 18 June 2024 – find more details and book your free place below.

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