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Greg’s Story: Faithworks Recovery – Hope in a Better Future

12th December 2022|

“One day you will go on to help someone. Don’t think you are defined by your actions.” - Faithworks Recovery. Thrown out of the family home at the age of 16, Greg had to fend for himself. He explained: “I moved from place to place, got in with all the wrong crowd - to where I am now, I

Becky’s Story – Working with Faithworks CMA

1st November 2022|

“It is a real privilege to be able to do this job.” “I’ve always had a heart for people who are struggling with their money. Last year I applied to be a volunteer with CMA, and during the application process a paid role became available. It was exactly what I wanted. I applied and have loved it ever since.

Mike’s Story – Volunteering with Faithworks CMA

27th October 2022|

Mike first heard about Faithworks CMA at a Rotary Club meeting. Through many years’ involvement with SSAFA (the armed forces charity), he had met many soldiers and their families in severe debt but had felt unable to do anything about it. Mike explained: “I thought volunteering for Faithworks CMA would be the ideal opportunity to find out about the

Ashleigh’s Story

24th October 2022|

“I’m now finding out who I am. But I’m also realising the mistakes I made in the past.” Ashleigh* joined the SMILE lone parent community 5 years ago. She was going through many challenges including domestic violence, court hearings over her children, and suicidal thoughts. She was having to face these challenges alone. Domestic abuse had always been a

Olivia’s Story

15th June 2022|

“We want them to find hope in knowing that we are walking with them and working together to help them stay safe.” Life doesn't always run smoothly, even after engaging with support. However, having one trusted person to connect with, can form a lifeline to connecting with other essential support. One of our guests, Olivia*, has been coming to

Mick’s Story

24th May 2022|

“I feel much more hopeful for the future” Four years ago, having undergone an amputation, Mick expected his life to improve. However, he realised that other things were not right. Mick said: “Before I had my amputation I was suicidal. When I had my amputation I thought those thoughts would go away, they didn’t. I had no money and didn’t

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