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Street Talk Tour Update – The reality and the opportunity

5th July 2023|

Our 8-day Street Talk tour in May around the churches in all 3 of our towns was a great success, but every session had a key moment when the reality really struck home. As John and Lydia (not their real names) spoke, the room fell silent – their quiet voices courageously telling of how as a homeless couple they

3 Things to Help Others With the Challenge of the Cost of Living

30th September 2022|

This autumn we have been running our 1-2-3 campaign in response to fuel prices, food prices and now housing costs increasing. The campaign shared practical ideas on how to make a difference to our own cost of living and how we can help others. The campaign included: One thing that I can do to reduce my fuel bills –

The Big Reveal!

15th June 2022|

Little Victories Event 24th June 2022 A new logo and website is coming! Foundations are essential for a strong structure and so is building on these foundations. As Faithworks turns 18 this year, we have reflected on what is most important to those we serve and to ourselves, how we can "be there" for more people, and what drives

Faithworks CMA Annual Review

15th June 2022|

“Going to Faithworks was the best thing - I cannot believe all the help I have been given from sorting out my debt, to getting me help when I moved to pay the rent, for the purchasing of my freezer.” The CMA Annual Review is hot off the press!  The last year has seen the largest number of volunteers trained

Your Food Bank+ Needs You!

15th June 2022|

Faithworks support Food Bank+ in Christchurch, Poole, Wimborne and Blandford.  As more people need to access emergency food and food support, it's vital that food stocks are maintained to keep up with the need.  Adding an extra item to a food shop, can be one simple way of supporting a Food Bank+ on a regular basis. Items regularly needed

Volunteers Tea Off at Wimborne Model Village

15th June 2022|

"A more caring bunch of people (volunteers and staff) I could never have imagined. We are all very different and play to each other’s strengths. Some love ‘front of house’, some like working in the sheds, others make deliveries, but we all enjoy a cuppa together - with cake of course!" WFB+ volunteer Wimborne Food Bank+ had their volunteers

BCP Pioneer in Preventing Homelessness

15th June 2022|

Connecting with government and the centre for homelessness impact. “Rough sleeping should be prevented whenever possible, it must be a rare occurrence, be brief and non-recurring. That is the government’s pledge which BCP Council is fully committed to achieving." Faithworks is a member of the BCP Homelessness Partnership and therefore were very pleased to hear that BCP will be working alongside London,

Olivia’s Story

15th June 2022|

“We want them to find hope in knowing that we are walking with them and working together to help them stay safe.” Life doesn't always run smoothly, even after engaging with support. However, having one trusted person to connect with, can form a lifeline to connecting with other essential support. One of our guests, Olivia*, has been coming to

Christchurch Food Bank+ Official Opening of Refurbished Building

15th June 2022|

"I would love to not have a job.  I would love for us to be able to say 'everybody can manage for themselves" Tracy Blick, Christchurch Food Bank+ Manager St Joe's, the home of Christchurch Food Bank+, was officially opened following a refurbishment.  The light and spacious area provides a safe space for guests to speak to the team about further

Connections Stations Podcast now on Spotify

15th June 2022|

Tucked away in a church hall, are an incredible team of staff and volunteers who run Connection Stations. This multi-agency approach works alongside rough sleepers and those who are vulnerably housed by connecting them with local organisations.  Kate from HealthBus said: "It's only when people feel safe that they're able to open up, they're able to acknowledge what help they do need."

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