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15th June 2022

Faithworks CMA Annual Review

“Going to Faithworks was the best thing – I cannot believe all the help I have been given from sorting out my debt, to getting me help when I moved to pay the rent, for the purchasing of my freezer.”

The CMA Annual Review is hot off the press!  The last year has seen the largest number of volunteers trained as Budget Coaches.  This has helped equip the team as they have established CMA teams within each Food Bank+ ensuring that everyone who needs food support is able to access debt advice and help with budgeting.

Building financial know-how and preventing people getting into debt in the first place is essential.  So in the CMA Annual Review, you can read how Derek has been busy developing the Financial Project schools work preparing our young people for financially resilient futures.  You can also meet Mike, a CMA Debt Advisor, and find out how working from Blandford Food Bank+ provides a more effective service for those that come to the Food Bank+.

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