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Money Advice

Cheerleading is for Life, Not Just Half-Marathons!

10th November 2023|

I think cheerleaders get a hard time!  I think I have been a bit snooty about people cheerleading - shouting, cajoling, ringing bells, clapping clapper-boards and generally being super-exuberant at public events. Having run 13 miles around Newcastle in the Great North Run, and then the same up and down the beach at the Bournemouth Half, it’s time to

Volunteers’ Week: 1 – 7 June 2023

31st May 2023|

“You are the lifeblood of all that we do” – Alistair Doxat-Purser, CEO 285 volunteers enable us to run 5 Food Banks, our CMA debt advice and budget service, SMILE lone parent families project and support for those moving on from homelessness, addiction and prison via our Arch programme. Many of you who give your time have

Easter Holidays Free or Low Cost Activities

17th March 2023|

As spring is fighting its way through the wintry weather, the Easter holidays are rapidly appearing on the horizon. We have therefore put together another list of free or very low cost activities which will help you to enjoy the Easter Holidays without the stress of adding too much to the budget. Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) The

Banish Blue Monday with top tips and resources from Faithworks CMA team

11th January 2023|

Blue Monday - i.e. the day the credit card bills arrive after Christmas. Combined with the January weather and short daylight hours, it's not surprising the third Monday of January gained this nickname. At Faithworks we believe there is always hope and taking practical steps to address debt and managing money more effectively can enable a sense of calm

Becky’s Story – Working with Faithworks CMA

1st November 2022|

“It is a real privilege to be able to do this job.” “I’ve always had a heart for people who are struggling with their money. Last year I applied to be a volunteer with CMA, and during the application process a paid role became available. It was exactly what I wanted. I applied and have loved it ever since.

Mike’s Story – Volunteering with Faithworks CMA

27th October 2022|

Mike first heard about Faithworks CMA at a Rotary Club meeting. Through many years’ involvement with SSAFA (the armed forces charity), he had met many soldiers and their families in severe debt but had felt unable to do anything about it. Mike explained: “I thought volunteering for Faithworks CMA would be the ideal opportunity to find out about the

Faithworks CMA Annual Review

15th June 2022|

“Going to Faithworks was the best thing - I cannot believe all the help I have been given from sorting out my debt, to getting me help when I moved to pay the rent, for the purchasing of my freezer.” The CMA Annual Review is hot off the press!  The last year has seen the largest number of volunteers trained

Mick’s Story

24th May 2022|

“I feel much more hopeful for the future” Four years ago, having undergone an amputation, Mick expected his life to improve. However, he realised that other things were not right. Mick said: “Before I had my amputation I was suicidal. When I had my amputation I thought those thoughts would go away, they didn’t. I had no money and didn’t

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