19th April 2024

It’s Our 20th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to us!  So, how will we celebrate? In 20 fun and inspiring ways throughout 2024!  All of which highlight our Values, these are: Welcoming, Alongside, Trusted, Practical and Empowering.

Kicking things off and starting with our Welcoming value, Alistair, our CEO, has been delivering gorgeous birthday cakes to our amazing projects and volunteers.

Alistair enthused:

“I love the sensitivity, creativity and joy that our volunteers show as they welcome people into our projects. 

That first contact is so vital, giving someone that knowledge that they are not alone – I’m so grateful for all the 350 plus “hope-bringers” who volunteer their time to do this. So, it’s a privilege to go round each venue, and say thank you.”  

Behind many who give their time, are people who enable them to do so.  From the babysitter who frees up the young parent to volunteer at the SMILE project to the driver who transports a team member to be at the Food Bank each week. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Faithworks and so those who help them, are our heroes!

To celebrate this, Alistair also gave out tins of branded mini chocolate eggs for volunteers to pass on to those who have been a key player in them getting involved.

Alistair also made sure that our partner organisations didn’t miss out on birthday cake! Similar to volunteers, we could not do most of what we do without the incredible support of partner organisations, to name just a few, Alistair visited: The HealthBus, InTouch (hot meals provided Lansdowne Church)  Winton Salvation Army, St Mungo’s and Crumbs who baked the delicious cakes.

We love collaborating with others!  Working in partnership with local organisations and businesses, enables us to provide more effective, long-term practical solutions to those we support.  Look out for more, as we explore our Alongside value in a future post.

Lastly, there were plenty of smiles as teams took time out to relax over a cuppa and some delicious cake!

Finally teams were asked to take a photo of what Faithworks means to them. Why not send in your photo to hello@faith-works.org.uk?

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