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2nd December 2022

Investor Breakfast – 15 December 2022

“When people are housed, cared for and encouraged at the outset they have a much better chance of turning their lives around and making a new start.” – Hope into Action Lead Investor

Following the success of our last Investors’ Breakfast we will be holding the second in December. The event provides an opportunity to find out about ethical investment opportunities that support those moving on from homelessness.

Jo Thorpe
Jo ThorpeHope into Action Project Lead

Jo leads on Hope into Action across BCP. She met up with one of the investors from the recently purchased house in Poole to find out more about their experience.

What made you become interested in investing in a Hope into Action house?

“In my work as a Town Pastor we constantly meet those who are homeless who are in need of a roof over their head.  There is little by way of decent housing until months, if not years, have gone by, resulting in many more problems for these folk than could have been envisaged.  

We have seen too many newly homeless people full of hope and motivation go very quickly downhill once they are tired, hungry, cold from being permanently outside, sleeping rough, getting in with the wrong crowd to fulfil instant desires.  

When people are housed, cared for and encouraged at the outset they have a much better chance of turning their lives around and making a new start.  Hope plays a large part in keeping them motivated to persevere in pursuing a new path.”

How did you find out about Hope into Action?

“The charity was introduced to me by Faithworks and I heard they were going to buy a house in Poole, so I enquired and very soon found myself viewing a potential house. 

They have a lot of experience in this field and a good set of criteria for what to buy and how to set it all up, particularly with the local church supporting the residents. 

While it doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of the situation I describe above with someone who is newly homeless. It does deal with the difficulties people have a little further down the line once they have been in the system for a while and are now faced potentially with no valid references,  job, deposit for renting or setting themselves up in a home. 

Every situation is different of course but in that situation every person is vulnerable and has different needs from others. We are all human.”

Why is it so important?

“You could say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, in an ordinary family in a loving, warm, stable home, always with people to support and love me.  Here are my key thoughts on that home:

Home: gave me a front door key – I could return any time into the family love. Stability, a refuge to receive food, company, warmth, a comfortable bed and to have chats at the end of school days to iron out day-to-day issues.

Space: to learn, grow, think, dream and imagine.

Springboard: for opportunities – an address to go to school and be educated from;  somewhere I was able to keep clean, get clothes to school, interviews and ultimately a job.

It was only when I met so many homeless and vulnerable people that I realised how much I had taken for granted in my home.”

Can you explain more about the Hope into Action process?

“I agreed  to be a lead investor, as I had previous experience of buying and selling property but I must admit it was a different ballgame when buying on behalf of others – in our case, ten investors.  So I led the team through the buying process of a house that I felt the responsibility of not allowing the chain to break! 

It took team work and many prayers and at completion I then felt such joy of seeing it prepared for living in, joy of hearing that the family had moved in, bowled over by being given such a home and the joy of reading the first formal report about the family’s enjoyment of the house, and their progress with the church liaison group.”

Is it worth doing?

“If you’re looking at it from a financial point of view of getting a return from it, then there are plenty more profitable ventures! But looking at it from [the point of view of] a house that the Lord has built, a home where people can get back on their feet, be mentored, befriended and guided through the minefield of restoring their lives after trauma led by prayer, then it’s a resounding yes!”

One of the fundamental needs of every human is not just shelter, but a home – a place of safety; a place of friendship.

Locally there is a real shortage of homes for those who have experienced homelessness.

We partner with Hope into Action to provide homes for those escaping homelessness using their highly successful and unique model. Local investors buy a property which is leased to Faithworks. We then work alongside local church teams to enable individuals or families to settle in, build friendships and find confidence for the future.

We currently have three homes using this model, but are not content to stop there! We are aiming for a total of twenty. These homes change lives for those moving on from homelessness and vulnerable accommodation.

Investors’ Breakfast

Our next Investors’ Breakfast is being held on Thursday, 15th December at The Bridge House Hotel, 2 Ringwood Road, Ferndown, BH22 9AN (doors will open at 8:30 am).

To book a place, email David Chidwick following the link below (please select general from the drop down menu) or phone 07731 858625.

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