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25th November 2022

Supporting Food Bank+ over Christmas

At a time when demand across Christchurch, Poole, Wimborne and Blandford Food Banks are up 42 per cent in the last three months, compared to last year, food donations are needed now more than ever.

The reverse advent calendar is one way to ensure Christmas dinner can be enjoyed by individuals and families who otherwise would have to go without.

Blandford and Christchurch Food Banks have created advent calendars which include a Christmas food item on each of the 24 days of advent. These are then collected to be delivered to the Food Bank.

The collections need to be made early for delivery by the 1st December to enable the Christmas dinners to be distributed in time for Christmas Day. You can download the advent calendars below.

Why not join with your friends, families, neighbours or workplace to make a collection – if 12 people all donate 2 items each, the collection will be completed in no time!

Please put your Reverse Advent into a strong bag or box, but do not seal. Thank you for helping others to enjoy Christmas dinner.

Blandford Food Bank Reverse Advent Calendar
Christchurch Food Bank Reverse Advent Calendar

Wimborne Food Bank are collecting donations of presents suitable for adults and teenagers, as well as kids’ treats. You can donate these at Wimborne Food Bank+ before the 1st December.
*Please no alcohol and presents must be new or unopened.

To support Poole Food Bank+ over Christmas please continue with the regular food donations (except for pasta and baked beans!). If you wish to donate any Christmas treats, please deliver these to the Food Bank by the 15 December.

For contact information and opening times of the Food Banks, please see below.

Food Bank+

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