27th September 2022

Alistair’s Tigger Sized Challenge!

Every autumn our energetic CEO, Alistair, runs both the Great North Run and the Bournemouth Half-Marathon in fancy dress to raise money for our projects.

When staff were asked what he should wear this year, the unanimous agreement was that he should dress up as Tigger!  This reflects both the orange in our new brand colours as well as Alistair’s unceasing energy and optimism! This year he has set himself the tigger-sized challenge to raise money for Faithworks CMA (Community Money Advice).

Alistair managed to complete both events but there is a reason why onesie tiger suits are normally used to keep people cosy in the winter.  By the end of the first race, Alistair felt more like a kettle: boiling from within! He discovered ways to keep cool by the time the Bournemouth Half Marathon came round, so he had a little more bounce left in him – see the attached video.

Alistair was able to keep going due to lots of encouragement, especially from anyone under the age of 8!  As well as the knowledge that there have been some extremely generous donations.

We know that doing any sort of sponsorship at this time of huge financial pressure is challenging.  However, if you feel able to sponsor Alistair in this year’s Tigger sized challenge this will help raise money towards our Faithworks CMA (Community Money Advice) provision.

This essential free service is now available at all Food Bank+ supported by Faithworks – providing so much more than just giving out food. Whether in Christchurch, Poole, Wimborne or Blandford (and now with our friends at Bournemouth Foodbank), you will find a hot drink, a listening ear, and a range of practical support available.  This makes it easier for those visiting to chat through various issues they are dealing with as well speaking with our CMA Debt Advisors and Budget Coaches.

Providing emergency food is a good thing as it provides Hope for today; but our desire is that we walk alongside people to enable them to deal with some of the root causes of their current crisis.

And it is not that people are irresponsible in managing their budgets.  One recent guest to our Food Bank+ was a single parent who has three jobs, but food and energy costs have risen so much that there is simply not enough money left at the end of the week.

The demand for the Faithworks CMA service in all the Food Banks is, unsurprisingly, growing. We are therefore responding by expanding our teams to provide debt advice and budget support to more people. It costs around £60 per month to provide this service for one person.

The aim of the Tigger sized challenge is to increase the number of regular givers to the CMA work. The great news is that we have match funding for the first six months of your donations.  So,if you give £10 per month (£60 in total), then they will donate £60 making a total of £120 for the first six months!

Of course, if you already give regularly, a one-off payment would be really helpful.

To set up a regular standing order, or give a one-off donation to support this essential service, simply sponsor Alistair via the link below or by setting up direct payments here (please reference CMA plus your name).

Thank you so much – from a rather bedraggled Tigger!

Sponsor Alistair
You can find out more about how Faithworks CMA has made a difference over the last year, in their annual review here.

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